Superhero Iron Ninja Battle: City Rescue Fight Sim v4.0.0 [MOD]
  • Version: 4.0.0
  • ROOT: No
  • Categories: Action
  • SIZE: 73M
  • Post Date: July 23, 2019
  • Update Date: 4 weeks ago
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Superhero Iron Ninja Battle: City Rescue Fight Sim Desctiption
Enjoy cool blend of fast-paced action superhero games and robot fighting games! Rush into street fights as the crime fighter hero in the city of vice!

This robot fighting adventure game takes place in a city of dark streets. Unknown crime lord attacked the city and captured the downtown by mafia gangs! Civilians waited for some help, but police and even army forces were unable to cope with gangster mafia villains. They had no hope and it seems that everything was going to ruin but robot fight master appeared! People want to kick away thugs from their hoods and streets. So handle the hero of supreme robotics technologies tapping every button to beat enemies on streets in the iron robot police game! Run and rush through various locations of the city before it became too late!

It's very easy, we made it in classic arcade beat em up style, like in superhero fighting games of your childhood memories. Tap buttons to make robotics melee attacks - punches and kicks. Tap on the attack button to pick up different devastating weapons from the ground. Combine jumps and blocks to be the most dexterous warrior of superhero games! Try to win in survival battles, get points for every successful street fight and unlock new improvements for your future robotic hero!

The gang of offenders took the city of dark streets to their control, stop crime lord activity - iron of blades of the steel hero are waiting for making the critical annihilation to every enemy on your way! Wear the future superhero mask and armor, take katana and other devastating weapons and go streets to eliminate enemies on outlaw fights!

This fighting game made especially for robot fans and superheroes games fans. Perform unpredictable and sudden iron robot attacks with blades made of the steel that real solid and defeat rivals to gain access to the...